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Along with the rapid growth of China economy, China have already emerged a shortage of energy supplies. Within a period of long time, the shortage of energy supply will be lasted.

For international aspect, the strife of getting energy supply does not only come from international economy demand, but also rises from international political and military competition.

Under above situation, as the management and leaders of corporations, you should master the energy opportunity and become an energy strategist to cope with the future energy market development so as enable to advance your companies and contribute to your country in energy investment.

At 2004, China Construction Holdings Ltd ( China Construction Group ) perceived that the rapid growth of China economy would need energy enormously. Further, China Government allowed foreign companies with investing into mining industry except oil exploration.

Having understood that coal had been the largest mine resource stored up in China, the Board of China Construction Group had studied the China energy market and decided with setting up China Energy Technology Holdings Ltd ( China Energy Group ) in Hong Kong, and focused with investing into coal mine prospecting, coal mine development and coal trading respectively.

China Construction Holdings Ltd is the holding company of China Energy Technology Holdings Ltd. China Construction Group focused with investing into Hong Kong, China and overseas property projects, and large scale infrastructure.

China Energy Group would take the advantage of the resources, experience and partnership of China Construction Group in Hong Kong, China and overseas to become a key player in the rapid growth of China energy industry as well as the conglomerate in coal mine prospecting, coal mine development and coal trading respectively.


The mission of China Energy Group in mining industry is starting with a high standard and contemporary enterprise spirit. China Energy Group would import the advanced international mining technology and proven mining experience and equipments, step by step, to develop a clean coal technology, and coal conversion technology as I.G.C.C to renovate coal utilization.

Those technologies would improve the environment and help the coal mine industry becoming more in safe, environmental, scientific and developmental objectives. Safe, environmental, scientific and developmental objectives are also the mission of China Energy Group as well.


China Energy Group would be developed into three stages with near, middle and long term. At near term, China Energy Group have invested into Shaanxi, Shanxi, Guizhou, Xinjiang and Xilingol League ( Inner Mongolia ) for setting up five companies under the name of China Energy Coal Industry Ltd. Once China Energy Group have set up five companies in five different provinces, we had already got the coal mine prospecting right with a positive result and would try our best to finish prospecting with all our existed sites before 2010.

At middle term, China Energy Group would base with the prospecting result to build up a coal bed gas mine and one or two coal mine as well before 2015.

At long term, along with the shortage of oil resources, as predicted by many energy institutes, coal and natural gas ( coal bed gas ) will replace oil resources in due course.
As the condition of technology and profitability are mature, China Energy Group would base on each coal mine attribute to select various coal conversion technology to renovate our utility. China Energy Group would use coal conversion technology as I.G.C.C to achieve our long term mission as a conglomerate in energy industry.

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